Body, Mind & Soul

Raw organic cacao has the highest plant based source of magnesium and 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries

Cacao promotes blood flow and helps turn glucose into energy enabling your brain to work with clarity & focus

Opens the heart chakra & induces Anandamine, the bliss molecule

Cacao Ceremonies

  • Cacao Mumma Origins

    Our Ceremonial Grade Cacao is from traditional Criollo trees, sourced from Mumma Bali. From a small farm and village on the western side of Bali. Our Cacao is sweet and smooth giving such a heart-opening experience. Much like Bali the Island, this Cacao is beautiful and brings such an un-conditional love to our hearts. 

    We recommend drinking with an intention, speak the words out loud or to yourself.

    We ask that you have love for Bali in your heart when connecting with Mumma Cacao.

    This Cacao has been blessed in its place of origin by the native people, also on the Wadawurrung land, Torquay Australia, where it is packaged.


Home Ceremony

Warm plant milk or water on the stove add a tablespoon size chunk (20g) and whisk until melted and combined, add sweetener of choice

Or my favourite, add 20g of cacao (1tbs) to a blender with warmed coconut milk, 1 date, 1tbs coconut or hemp oil and 1tsp of tahini or nut butter, blend and serve hot

Make the recipe your own

Add maca, mushroom powders or blackstrap molasses

Hold the mug to your heart and set an intention before drinking